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Autumn -Perfect Season for Boho Weddings

Bohemian theme it never loses its popularity.

Now, if you want one authentic autumn boho wedding remember to add these elements to the mix:

  1. In the nature wedding, specifically into the woods. Don`t be afraid of the big bad wolf, your glitter, glam and fantasy wedding world will scare him. Chose the location in some meadow, hope for some sun and enjoy the late autumn.into-the-woods
  2. And because you are in nature flowers are a must, decorate the tables with autumn colored flowers, and don`t be shy. bohem-wed01bohem-wed20
  3. It’s all about relaxed laid-back style, a good dose of 70s era aesthetic and lots of natural textures and decor elements.So add a cozy place for chit-chat.
  4. Get rustic and don`t stress about the glam. Bohemians are all about staying close to basic and nature. boho-wedding-inspiration-400-58
  5. Use burlap, lavender and green for authentic autumn bohemian wedding vibe.autumn_wedding1rustic_wedding_ideas
  6. Handmade gifts and original ring basket will add to your unique style.whimsical
  7. A touch of whimsical.
  8. Just because is bohemian does not mean you cant add glam. touch-of-glam3
  9. The bride is …well, the center piece of any wedding, in this case you should wear a flowy dress adorned with flowers headband and colorful autumn bucket. bohem-wed07
  10. Add boho-chic to your wedding, with something that only bohemians will wear. boho-wedding-inspiration-400-37

For further inspiration, here is a beautiful video made by TV Filmmaker on Vimeo, entitled, what else, Dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher – A Wild Boho Wedding Inspiration from TV Filmmaker on Vimeo.

Would you go for a bohemian wedding? Or prefer the classic, white and church style?

Let us know in the comments.