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Bohemian Trends for 2017

What are the trends in colors, texture, design and fashion for the next year?

It is all about getting natural, minimalist and but still full of color. Below are the trends as stated by Design Options Inc.

As always , we the bohemians follow the trend of heart and everything goes, as long as it fits. So the following are guidance and ideas to be appreciated and not always follow ad literam.

Paradise Lost/Tropicana Havana

Wild strawberry and dark wisteria shades, ultramarine blue and shamrock green,royal azure and peridot coloration plus a hint of violet red. Printed and embellished textiles ranging from novelty fruits to animal print to palm fronds. PISTACHIO, an emerging color trend for 2018. ss18-emerging-trends-4-top-print-themes-1



Nature Watch

Fashionably weather-worn with an outdoorsy appeal. Camouflage and forest green shades, leopard patterns on poplin fabrications, baby blue on a backdrop of light brown, olive tones.

Couture Club

Lavish and luxurious deep salmon saturation the haute-couture houses will be a must. Knit fabrications displayed on a palette of apricot and light taupe.



Just One of the Boys

Now one for the guys. Not your everyday boy next door. Electric blue and royal azure shades, sapphire and teal commingle with a bold and defiant attitude.









Black and White/ Half and half

The classics are still a trend, white and black in a very balanced composition, with half white and half black surfaces. From painterly dots to harlequin checks, playful prints take on a new sophisticated heir.









Seaside vibe

A new take on the mini check, in a palette of blues. A trend to watch, back to denim fever, gingham shedding it’s juvenile reputation and heading to the top of the luxury market.








Pattern Mix Up

A plethora of color and a conglomeration of compelling shapes in home designing.  Peridot and turquoise green shades, pale cerulean and dark celestial blue tones emphasize a contemporary appeal.

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