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So you decided to go travel but cannot be bother with travel agents, flight tickets purchases, resorts checking out and all the random stress-full  little things a classic holiday imply? My friend, join the bohemian travelers.

Your nomad feet and gypsy soul has finally found a source that can serve in one place the where, the how to get there and most importantly the with what.


Remember at first some confidence building, heart warming realities.

  1. You are not the only one. There are hundreds if not thousands young, free spirited and gypsy soul searchers out there doing or thinking to do the same thing as you. On a simple search of bohemian travel on Google you will find young people that not only travel, boho style, but decided to share with the world, you included their experiences and on the spot knowledge.
  2. Its way easier to move from one spot to the other then you might think. Cheap too. Low cost flights with online check in, share rides, carpooling and hitch-hike made all very accessible. Best get your own old cheap ride, two or three fun, confident and crazy in the good way friends and hit the road. If the ride its a VW van, yes, like those one surfer dudes use, then you are already on the boho travel road.  Look on Sky Scanner for flights, blablacar.com is the most used/known carpooling site, and for hitch-hike, well use common sense.
  3. What you do when you have the will but not so much the means? You find a way around it, bohemian style, first take it easy, if you are in a big rush to get to your …final destination, and enjoy the spa treatments…well, then boho travel is not for you. workaway.info and helpx.net are only two of the many, many ways to work around expensive getaways. Lifehacker.com has some good tips on the subject also.

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Well now, that is all (for now) for the general practical ideas. What about fashion? What to wear and carry around in your backpack so you don`t end up looking like you slept for days in a bus station?… (even if you might end up at some point sleeping in a bus station)


1. Sarong- the sarong is a gift from the travel gods.  It’s a towel.  It’s a blanket.  It’s a purse.  It’s a beach wrap.  It’s a turban.  It’s dress. It’s a yoga mat. They are cheap, lightweight, dry easy and come in every color imaginable.

2. Baking Soda -there are so many uses for baking soda, it is ridiculous. Works as toothpaste, cleaning, and makes bread rise.

3. Earplugs- just believe in the wisdom of the unfortunates…

4. Refillable Water Bottle

5. Tiger Balm – rub on sore muscles after carrying your backpack all day, stops mosquito bites from itching. And one tube of Vaseline.

6. Add passport, visas and vaccinations…wait, shouldn’t I put this first?…

7. Sun glasses for summer travel, and tick gloves in winter.

8. A pair of closed wedges can go a long way.

9. Pair of leggings, one hat and one bra for the super minimalist.

Most important? Smile and enjoy the ride. 

Courtesy to http://www.travelettes.net

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