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Boho Trend: Flowy Dresses


It’s not like you would actually need more reasons to be looking forward to spring 2016,but leave it to the fashion industry to add fuel to your already growing enthusiasm anyway. Enter the one major trend, of course talking about the bohemian sentiment, reimagined yet again for spring and summer, this time divided into a series of distinct moods, one more tantalizing than the other.

Everything in between the deliciously light colours, the folk motifs, the vivid prints, and the fluid, maxi silhouettes, and last but not least the flowy dress.

Next summer is set to see long dresses and flowing skirts that rustle with the slightest hint of wind, with trends leaning towards lightweight, lacey, transparent fabrics and romantic pleats.

mood_robe_boheme_jpg_404_jpeg_3257.jpeg_north_499x_whiteIt’s no secret that the 1970s are back in a big way. And a key component to every indie wardrobe is a flowy dress. Yes, this season is bound to be full of the chic options suitable for any boho babe.

hbz-0315-dresses-04Even if you consider yourself a “boho-fan” or just a whimiscal dresser here’s a list of must-have items to add to your wardrobe.

  1. Neutral Colored Ankle Boots: Perfect to wear with shorter skirts and dresses.
  2. Chic Headbands & Hair Wraps:  Great way to add glamour and fashion to a simple style or ponytail.
  3. Gladiator Sandals: A great alternative to flip flops.  They’re light yet still look polished and fashionable.
  4. Knit Cardigan or Sweater: Wear a lacy knotted cardigan over a floral dress and add a belt around the whole thing to pull the whole outfit together.
  5. Floppy Brimmed Hat: A simple straw or felt hat paired with a flowy dress is the perfect summer outfit.freespiritedss163
  6. Chunky / Earthy Jewelry: The more unique the better!  Look for original finds at flea markets or on etsy.
  7. Round Sunglasses:  Is there anything more chic than a messy bun, fun lipstick, and a pair of sunglasses?
  8. Oversized Patterned Scarf:  A key piece that everyone needs! There are tons of ways that you can fold, tie or wrap large scarfs for a cool Stevie Nicks vibe.
  9. Lots of flowy, tin material, flowers, geometrical prints-on dresses.

Courtesy to harpersbazaar.com