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How to pull off a Bohemian Style for men

In the fashion department in general, and the bohemian inspired one in particular, men are a bit on the disadvantage side.  There are not so many articles, know-how`s or advice out there if a guy needs guidance with his style. Not as much as a woman will find.

So, he I stand on the front of change and give a helping hand for the stylish bohemian men.

And how can I start a post about boho style men without a nice image of the hem…father (OK, may be a over-statement) of bohemian men – Johnny Depp?…


Bohemian dressing will provide you with the inspiration that you need to reinvigorate your casual style.

But, what is bohemian style?

Fashion with a notion of nonconformity, relaxed, casual and comfortable, natural fabrics, bold colored prints, vintage charm details and plenty accessories.

Bohemian style tips

Use vintage and artisanal details.

Styles loose.

Stylishly messy hair and an unshaven face helps.

Forget ironing, crinkles are cool.

Add some pattern.

Accessories? Always.

Get lighter. Pale blue jeans, brighter shirts and deeper coloured accessories are what make this look far more approachable. You want to stay away from monochrome outfits and having too many browns and dark tones in your outfit. Keep things light and relaxed.

Now, here are some boho fashion pieces you can add to your bohemian, soon to be best in town wardrobe.

Bohemian Shorts

Patterned shorts are a wardrobe essential for gents looking to pull off this look. If you like a more traditional touch, opt for regular chino shorts in a long and loose fit.


Bohemian Trousers

When the weather gets too cold for shorts, bohos turn to two distinct types of trousers to provide them with coverage and style. First – jeans. Rugged and ripped, light or mid-blue jeans. Second – pleated trousers, baggy in the leg and belted at the waist to complete the style.


Bohemian Jackets

Bohemian style carries a theme of unstructured silhouettes and rough-around-the-edges detail. The style is perfect for the comfortable and vintage nature of bohemian dressing. Choose loose shapes and leave buttons undone. A knitted or crocheted vest makes a good warm-weather option.


Bohemian Shoes

The trendsetting bohos of today’s generation have found themselves rocking sandals. Leather straps are definitely the way to go with your sandals. Select a pair of loafers with a slightly worn or “traveled in” appearance.


Bohemian Accessories

To really pull off the bohemian look, you’ll have to complete it with accessories. Made from natural materials, a reflection of personal style and individualism. Look for leather bracelets, rope necklaces with a pendant, hats, bandanas and scarves a pivotal look to the bohemian style.


According to trendhunter.com there are about 20 bohemian menswear styles. each one of them with their unique flavor. Here are some of the most representative.

  • Rugged Bohemian Look books
  • Urban Bohemian Style
  • Amish-inspired Streetwear
  • Haute Boho Menswear
  • Hipster Road Trip style
  • Moroccan Hippie
  • Bohemian Boathouse
  • Tattooed bohemian fashion
  • Haute Boho Runways
  • Reggae-inspired Fashion
  • Ragtag Unisex Fashion
  • Limpid Bohemians Looks
  • Psychedelic Beachwear
  • Hobo Workwear
  • Starving Artist Fashion
  • Bohemian Bands Catalogue

If you adopt one style…within the bohemian style (talk about inception…) or go for a more boho-general its all up to you. Remember to like, re-post and check the shop for ideas.

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