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How to Wear…Floppy Hats

You can’t get more classic 1970’s than a floppy felt hat.floppy-hat-como-usar.jpg

But can you wear one with a dress? What about leather pants? Should you even bother wearing one at all?

A hat can be that one accessory that sets you apart. Wear it with style and it can become a fashion statement. From Coachella festival style to Miranda Kerr’s Harper’s Bazaar UK cover (above), there’s no denying that floppy hats are chic.

And what can be more of a I am a powerful, free spirited woman then a well add on floppy hat? Its bold, big, impossible to miss.

You love the look on others but not sure you can put it on? Here`s how:

  • From different colors, textures, shapes and adornments, there’s a floppy hat suitable for literally everyone and every style. So try on different styles. You’re only going to wear it if you love it.Hat-Attack-Wool-Felt-Round-Crown-Floppy-Hat_ezjejc.jpg
  • The easiest way to avoid letting your hat wear you? Get a hat that fits properly. Proper fitting? Should allow about two fingers width of room between the middle of your forehead and the hat. If you have to stuff it and your brains feels uneasy because of constriction, is no good. So, get the right fit.


  • Still squirmy about it? Wear it in private until you get comfortable with the idea.
  • If the classic is not your style, add some embellishment for extra personality. Add on a brooch, a colorful ribbon, or studs.
  • A floppy felt hat is very on trend and looks great with a button-down shirt. While a summer friendly straw can pull you out of anonymity. So, consider the material. image1xxl-803x1024.jpg
  • The versatility of a floppy hat can be surprising. From dress up a casual outfit, like the classic white jeans plus chambray shirt, to a summer caftan and shorts, wearing one with a maxi dress a floppy can really put an outfit together. 34911648-081d-43f1-8bac-1a7c407f41bc.png
  • And remember, you don’t have to have long hair to look great in a floppy hat. 
  • If super floppy is not your thing, try a cool Panama hat. Oversized-Nubby-Panama-Hat_ya6rqi.jpg
  • Pulling off the statement piece that is a floppy hat requires you to hold yourself in a confident manner. So, watch your posture.
  • Bring the floppy hat full circle by pairing it with a jumpsuit or flared trousers, a flowy top and chunky heels.  Go all bohemian!